Zondervan International Bible Deluxe

Enhance the experience of Bible study with your computer and the Zondervan International Bible CD-ROM package. Along with an actual paper-and-ink New International Version of the New Testament (how retro!), you get Compton’s Interactive Bible and The Complete Multimedia Bible, each on its own disc. The set provides a quick introduction, then dives quickly into the text of the widely accepted NIV.

Compare the NIV with the King James Version contained in The Complete Multimedia Bible and learn what those Brits were up to several hundred years ago when they translated Greek and Hebrew holy texts into the most printed book in history. Narrated by James Earl Jones, whose voice is perfect for reading the heavy-yet-transcendent text, the disc also includes full-color maps, photos, and videos of the Holy Land as well as explanations of significant events and passages. Of course, it’s fully searchable, and you’re sure to find yourself spending more time than you had intended on your lessons as you follow up new leads day by day.

The Compton’s disc covers the NIV in greater depth, including the ever-useful concordance and further search features that will enrich your New Testament study far beyond the text itself. The interfaces are lovely and easy to grasp–you can reach almost any feature in one click, and there’s excellent online help if you get stuck. The package as a whole is a great boon to the serious modern Bible student; you’ll be amazed at the new depths you find. —Rob Lightner