Wooden Bike Rack

Wooden Bike Rack

Aside from your car and your son’s skateboard, bicycles are one of the things that are hard to fit in your garage. Often times they were leaned against the wall or left lying on the ground because there’s no other room you could place them. But if you have a wooden bike rack,¬†then storing your bike wouldn’t be a hassle anymore.

Either for display or storage purposes, a wooden bike rack can assist you with that. Wooden bike rack is eco friendly plus its easy to make your own. This way you could customize the color and the design of your wooden bike rack.

Types of Wooden Bike Rack

There are three primary types of wooden bike rack.

  • The first type of wooden bike rack is like a hanger type wherein the frame is attached on the wall and it has an adjustable arms which you can fold when not in use. You could assemble it at the ground level or you could elevate it way up high so there’s still a space on the floor for other use.
wooden bike rack


  • The second type of wooden bike rack is similar to a standard rack display where you could park all of your bikes and store them at ground level. You could also customize and add storage for helmets and other biking gears.

wooden bike rack

  • Another type of wooden bike rack is called bike shelf. A wooden box is attached into the wall and you will simply insert the frame of the bike at the mid portion. A bike shelf can also serve as storage for other things like keys or tools in fixing your bike.

wooden bike rack

Do It Yourself Wooden Bike Rack

Here are the steps on how to make your own wooden bike rack that will fit on 12 bicycles.

  • Lay the 2×6 wood on a flat surface.
  • Place one 7 foot plus 2×4 wood on one side of the 2×6, therefore the 4 inch sides of the 2×4 are leaning against the 2inch side of the 2×6
  • Using a screw, attach the 2×4 to the 2×6. NOTE: the entire length of the structure should measure 7 feet and 71/2 inches, height is 4 inches and the width should be 10 inches. The side should look like letter U.
  • Screw one of the 4 foot long 2×4 at the either end of the long piece wood.
  • Each pieces should be placed at the center vertically to form a letter L. The 2×4 will be horizontal.
  • At the end of the 4 foot 2×4, measure 6 inches starting from the center. Then screw another 4 foot 2×4 boards.
  • Keep on adding the 4 foot 2×4 boards with 6 inch intervals until all the boards were used up.
  • Using a screw driver or a drill, place the 6 inch pieces of 2×4 at the middle of the 4 foot 2×4 to fill the gaps between the boards.
  • And for the last touch of your wooden bike rack, add your desired color of paint. Plus you could also install hooks or baskets where you could hang or place your helmets and other biking gears.