What is a microsite?

What is a microsite?

There are 2 primary reasons people use microsites. Both of them revolve around generating visitors.

The first standard use of microsites is employed by businesses wanting to direct visitors to their primary company site. They can use a new site that has targeted information and perhaps seems more information based and less ‘salesy’ to explain more about their industry and then redirect them to their primary site if they are interested in learning more.

Others use microsites as income producing tools. They build the website to be very functional, and appealing to attract visitors where the microsite owner may offer links to the visitor for which the owner is compensated. Many people use google ads or other services that connect advertisiers with webmasters who have traffic. An example of such ads is in the left hand column and at the bottom of this page. A good microsite can earn several hundred dollars each month.

If you are interested in owning a microsite the biggest question to consider is how to drive traffic to your website. How will you get visitors to come, look around and then come back again and again?

Here’s the wikipedia definition of a microsite.

SavyMicro has taken on the big chore of creating SavyMicro sites that are ready to build on organic searches and still have the opportunity to employ many other tactics to generate web traffic.

You can custom order a standard income producing SavyMicro site for only $400 each. You can also order a bundled package and save. 50 websites for only $16,500. For the bundled package, domain registration for 12 months and hosting for 12 months is included for FREE. (Save $4,000 on the bundled package, $12,000 of free hosting and $500 of free domain registration for a total saving of $16,500) Imagine 50 sites that are working for you day and night and you have the fund sent to you automatically by services like Google Adsense.

Software applications are available soon via Cnet’s download.com We have many different applications that are all completely free. We insist that any program leaving our company is completely and 100% spyware, malware and advertising free. So far all of our programs are 100% freeware.


Send an email to service@savymicro.info with any questions and the type of SavyMicro site you would like to order.