What does mrsa look like

What does MRSA look like

MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) belongs to the bacterial family of staphylococcus. MRSA acquired its name due to its ability to withstand several forms of antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin and amoxicillin. MRSA was first discovered in 1960s when penicillin was the primary antibiotic used to treat all forms of infection no matter what the cause. Physicians discovered that the patients’ condition with MRSA infection were not getting well until they discovered what does MRSA look like and how does it acts under the microscope.

what does MRSA look like

MRSA’s mode of transmission and behavior are similar to normal staphylococcus aureus. Some of them are found in humans and they can easily be transmitted through direct skin to skin contact and indirect contact through the use of vectors. The only thing that sets them apart is what does MRSA look like and its resiliency to antibiotics.

What does MRSA look like on skin infection?

The child in the face is an example of what does MRSA look like on the face. It is the infection at its worst. There are lots of impetigo, blisters, folliculitis, sty and abscess.

what does MRSA look like

The first sign of MRSA infection in the skin are usually red rashes that are very itchy. As the infection started to progress the redness becomes prominent, blisters starting to show, yellow patches called impetigo are also noted and pus began to accumulate under the skin.

MRSA should be treated immediately. A strict compliance in the antibiotic therapy and maintaining the cleanliness of the infected area is the key in curing this illness. MRSA are hunger for flesh and it will eat all your skin until up to the inner parts, and that what does MRSA look like when ignored and not given proper medical attention.

 What does MRSA look like when the infection spreads on the lungs?

There are rare cases where the MRSA bacteria reaches our lungs. It can either be from MRSA blood infection or bacterial invasion due to prolonged cough and colds. Pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs can happen which can already be called complication of MRSA infection. Symptoms of pneumonia include difficulty in breathing, chest pain, fever, sputum with blood and many others. Pneumonia is a life threatening disease. Below is what does MRSA look like when it infects the lungs.

what does MRSA look like

 What does MRSA look like in animals?

what does MRSA look like

Animals like dog, pig and rabbit are also threatened by MRSA infection. And because unlike humans, these animals are not being used to taking regular baths which is why their bodies are more prone breathing areas of MRSA bacteria. The signs and symptoms of MRSA in animals are same in humans. First appearances of rashes are observed on the face and on the chest area. These rash and spots start to become discolored after few days of infection. If not treated it will become blisters and abscess. Same procedures of treatment also applies to both animals and humans. The picture below is an example of what does MRSA look like in animals.