What Causes Staph Infection

What Causes Staph Infection?

A research study shows that 25% – 35% of Americans carry staphylococcus bacteria in their body particularly staphylococcus aureus which are found in the nose. Staph infections are caused by a bacteria named staphylococcus that has 30 known species of its kind. Staph causes illnesses like food poisoning, pneumonia, osteomyelitis, endocarditis and the most common of all are staph skin infection. Antibiotic treatment of both oral and topical medications are the first line of intervention for staph infection. It is important to know that skipping antibiotic even once or twice is crucial. Staph has the ability to form resistance with antibiotics so it is necessary to take medications exactly on the time prescribed. Usually antibiotic therapy are scheduled to be taken for 3x per day up to 7 days. Once the bacteria had developed resistance, the doctor will prescribe a higher class of antibiotics which are more expensive and stronger side effects.

what causes staph infection

What Causes Staph Infection in Food?

Improper food preparation and handling is what causes staph infection in food. Staphylococcus aureus is the prominent bacteria in food poisonings. These cases happen during birthday parties, receptions and other social gatherings, and usually hundred percent of the guests suffer nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea two hours after food intake.  Not washing hands before eating and during cooking is also one reason of what causes staph infection that can lead to intestinal infection.

What Causes Staph Infection in Skin?

what causes staph infection

Poor hygiene is a common reason of what causes staph infection. Human beings harbors staphylococcus bacteria in the normal flora of the skin usually found on face, neck and anal area. These bacteria are no match to individuals who take a bath regularly. There are countries in Asia and across Europe wherein citizens are used to not taking a shower for several days due to extremely cold weather which is another factor of what causes staph infection. College students living in dorms and sharing personal belongings is also an addition to what causes staph infection on skin. Even families living in crowded squatters area are also susceptible for staph infections and even all other communicable diseases.

Poor immune system is also what causes staph infection. Our body is composed of several portal of entry which is guarded by defense mechanisms. Bacteria like staphylococcus always tries to penetrate those entries to get inside our body where most nutrients can be found unlike in the skin where its composed of mainly dead cells. These defense mechanisms are backed by our body’s immune system and if it is weak, we our prone to different invasions and infections.

Any breakage of the skin is what causes staph infection. Staph nothing but flesh eating bacteria which are hungry for more nutrients inside the body. These bacteria can easily detect any cuts or wounds and will attempt to proliferate in that area. That causes pus and blisters to form. Which is why post operative patients and patients who has decreased ability in wound healing like diabetes are prone to staph infections.

 what causes staph infection