Wall Brackets For TV

Wall Brackets For TV

Flat LCD and LED televisions offer the best picture resolution for clear and luxurious viewing pleasures. Aside from that flat TV’s are very light weight which can be suitably mounted on the wall using wall brackets for TV, stylish and space saving!

Wall brackets for TV are the latest styles in modern living. These are perfect for small spaced houses that will replace your boring TV stands.

wall brackets for TV

Wall Brackets For TV: Doing it Yourself

Mounting televisions should be an easy task. If you are comfortable in hanging picture frames on the wall and mounting shelving, then should be able to install wall brackets for TV without a glitch.

When installing wall brackets for TV here are the tools you will need: sockets, screwdriver, ratchet, pencil, stud finder, level, measuring tape a power drill and drill bits.

All you have to do is follow the instruction guide on your manual then your good to go!

Tips in Buying Wall Brackets for TV

Most old model televisions do not have a ready mounting hardware which you need to buy separately. Here are some tips to guide you when buying wall brackets for TV.

  • Check your TV manual or inquire on the store where you purchased your TV for mounting guides. Although most of the models are compatible with numerous wall brackets for TV that falls under Video Electronics Standards Associaton (VESA), there are some TV that requires specific wall brackets for TV. For installation guide, take note of the word VESA which is followed by a number – this will be your indicator on how far apart the holes on the TV or bracket are in millimeters. But don’t worry because you will also find all of that information on the manual.
  • It is also important to measure screen sizes accurately as well as the maximum weight the wall brackets for TV can support.
  • Decide where to mount the wall brackets for TV. Would you prefer a wall bracket that can swivel left and right? Or just leave it fixed. There are varieties of options you could choose from just always prioritize the convenience of the viewers.

Things to Consider In the Installation of Wall Brackets for TV

Height. Eye experts highly suggest that TV should be at about eye level while seating on your couch. This will prevent strains on your neck when mounting wall brackets for TV too high. Plus in this position,  you will be able to view better picture resolution.

Screen Glares. When positioning your television, be aware of the potential glares that may interrupt the projection of pictures in the screen. Placing wall brackets for TV near windows can allow sunlight to reflect on your TV screens causing glares. As much as possible place TV in a room where the only source of light will be the TV and a lamp or ceiling lights.

Wiring. Before starting the installation procedure, make sure that the location you have chosen is near the electrical source or outlet to prevent too much wire running along the floor.