Vin Diesel Tattoos

Vin Diesel Tattoos

Many celebrities have tattoos, but not all of them can pull it off and do tattoos justice like Vin Diesel tattoos can. Sporting many different tattoos, Vin Diesel makes them all look good. But Are these all pictures of Vin Diesel. Many imitate Vin Diesel although there is only one. Can you spot the real Vin Diesel in the pictures – or better yet, can you spot the fakes? There are several!




More Vin Diesel Tattoos

Vin Diesel Tattoos

OK, this next one isn’t really¬†Vin Diesel Tattoos so not sure how it got in here, but I thought it as kinda funny. Don’t you?

vin diesel as mona lisa

vin diesel arms tattoo hold gun and girl

Vin Diesel Tattoos or are they?