Unoccupied Buildings Insurance

Unoccupied Buildings Insurance Importance

Unoccupied building insurance is incredibly important. If you have a building without a tenant or sitting empty for some other reason, it would be very easy to think about canceling your insurance because it would be less likely that something bad would happen. No one is there to break things or do damage.

Important Reasons for Unoccupied Buildings Insurance and Dangers of having an unoccupied building

unoccupied building insurance

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Water Damage
  • Fire
  • Heating / Cooling goes out resulting in pipes freezing etc
  • Maintenance neglect
  • Squatters
  • Simple repairs can turn into major problems if someone is not there everyday

unoccupied buildings insuranceHow is unoccupied different from regular buildings insurance?

Unoccupied buildings insurance covers additional types of losses that regular building insurance may not. That is one of the important reasons that you notify your buildings insurance company when a building status changes. It also is important when the building becomes occupied again that you notify them again.

Simple to change later to occupied building insurance, but not simple to recover if the insurance company says they won’t pay because it was unoccupied and you didn’t disclose it to them.

Unoccupied buildings insurance is often far cheaper than regular building insurance as there are less claims and often less significant damage or loss if there is a claim.

8 Things you can do to take care of your unoccupied buildings

Here are some basic guidelines about managing empty properties without spending a fortune.

1. Keep the lawn cut.

2. Keep the sidewalks clean.

3. Have some lights set on a timer.

4. Don’t allow mail or newspapers to build up.

5. Have someone plan a scheduled drive by each week.

6. Have a monthly walk through planned.

7. Have neighbors informed of your contact info so they can call if something looks out of the ordinary.

8. Post signs that allow other people to know who to call in case of trouble.

With the economic downturn, you may begin to discover that people will move into the building and homeless people may turn it into a great shelter location. This might be a win fall for them, but a risk for you. These are all reasons that unoccupied buildings insurance is a must have!

Your unoccupied buildings insurance may also give you a discount if you can demonstrate the security steps you have in place and the routine you keep.


If it is not empty by choice, then the above guidelines will help you have the building in better condition and can lead to it being rented out sooner and save you the unoccupied buildings insurance.

Find great unoccupied buildings insurance so that your building is properly protected.