TV Stands Wood

TV Stands Wood

After spending your 13th month pay on the latest model of LED TV, the next thing you need to have is a TV stand that would make it stand out even more, like TV stands wood. Your old TV stand would hardly keep up with the modern vibe of your brand new TV therefore you would want to upgrade it as well to balance the aesthetics on your entertainment room. And of course, placing your 62″ flat screen on an old piece of TV stands wood may cause it to break.

There are a lot of choices to consider when buying TV stands, however most people want to settle on TV stands woodTV stands wood are very elegant and it can last a lifetime when you bought and original one. A chic TV stands wood can be a perfect centerpiece on your living room and it would be an excellent choice if you want to showcase your entertainment system.

TV Stands Wood: Types and Materials

TV stands woodWoods are one of the most useful element nature brought to mankind. It can be converted into a furniture, flooring, and TV stands wood. Most woods can be used as material for making TV stands but hardwoods are the most common since its the most durable and sturdy. TV stands that are made from genuine wood are really expensive which is why some manufacturers are mixing wood particles in veneers, it looks like wood from afar but when you get closer you will see that it’s just a hoax. Maple, cherry, oak and walnut are some of the popular materials used in making TV stands wood. Here are their characteristics and shopping guide:


TV stands wood made from oak can either be from white oak or red oak. Oak is known for its abundant supply and adored for its rich grain. To differentiate white oak from red oak, the red one has a noted reddish brown hue while the white one has gray tinged brown color. Aside from TV stands wood, it is also used for other modern pieces of furniture designs. If you’re asking about the price, TV stands wood made from oak are moderately expensive.


TV stands wood made from maple wood are guaranteed to be sturdy, strong and durable because of its thick density. The color is light brown with a slight touch of reddish tint. TV stands made from maple have a smooth straight grain. Due to its thickness and hardness, maple is difficult to work with making it more expensive than all other types of wood.


Walnut is commonly seen on furniture pieces, but it is also used in solid blocks and veneers. Unlike other wood, walnut is darker in color and have visible dark streaks. Because walnut trees are not that abundant, TV stands wood made from walnut are very expensive.