TV Stands For LCD TVs

TV Stands For LCD TVs

Most homes in America are investing on their entertainment system like buying latest LCDs and LEDs so they could get to enjoy family time without going out of their home. Huge flat screen TVs however needed appropriate TV stands in order to make your TV stand out and secure your investment like TV stands for LCD TVs.

Guides in Buying TV Stands for LCD TVs

TV stands for LCD TVsBuying TV Stands for LCD TVs Tip#1: Accurate Measurement

Consumers tend to replace their television set yearly depends on the latest models, however one problem their face is when they got home the television wont fit their old stand therefore they have to buy a new one. When buying TV stands for LCD TVs accurate measurement is needed. A tip when measuring TV is by adding additional 1 to 2 inches on all sides, this will allow adequate ventilation on your flat screen TV. Plus it will provide room on additional cable, equipment, audio/video connection and other stuff.

Buying TV Stands for LCD TVs Tip#2: Determining the Size of the Room and the Viewing Area

The distance between the viewer and the TV stands for LCD TVs should be correctly estimated. Of course in order to protect your eyes and satisfy your viewing pleasure there should be an accurate space between.

When planning to by TV stands for LCD TVs that are 26 inches then it is advisable that the distance should be 3 to 4 feet away from the screen. TV stands for LCD TVs which measures 32 inches should be 4-5 feet away from the viewer and 42 inch is about 5-7 feet. But for TV stands for LCD TVs which measures 50 inches and above, the viewer should be at least 8 to 10 feet away.

However these doesn’t mean that you have to watch from those distances, its always up to you. Following the suggested distances for placing TV stands for LCD TVs will give you enough room in terms of adjusting your seating distance.

Designing a home theater room from scratch won’t require a professional interior decorator. All you have to do is careful planning and assessment of the entire room environment. Room size, windows that may cause glares, acoustics, just to name a few are some of the major factors that are considered when building an entertainment room.

Buying TV Stands for LCD TVs Tip#3: Type of Material

TV Stands for LCD TVs made from wood are very popular to home owners because of its elegant touch, however it can be expensive. It your budget is not sufficient to buy exotic wooden TV stands for LCD TVs you can always buy those that are made from fiber glass wood. Where particles of wood are mixed with veneers to make it look like real wood.

Buying TV Stands for LCD TVs Tip#4: Transportation

TV stands for LCD TVs which are suited for 50″ flat screen TVs can be hard to bring home therefore make sure to check if the furniture store has delivery trucks that will transport your equipment.