Treasures of the Bible II: Journey to the Holy Land

Treasures of the Bible, Version 2.0: Journey to the Holy Land is a multimedia boxed set containing four CD-ROMs specifically packaged together to enhance your religious experience for the 21st century and beyond. The software is filled with Bible verses, hymns that can be manipulated to suit your vocal and instrumental needs, audio Bible dramas, and interactive 3-D tours of the Holy Land.

Create your own customized hymnal from more than 300 traditional Christian hymns. Watch the Bible come to life with more than 250 voices that re-create Bible characters and stories. Read through 366 inspirational Bible verses, one for each day of the year, accompanied with scenic photographs and a musical score. Enter and explore ancient Jerusalem, set in Christ’s time period. Visit the Holy Land and walk in the same footsteps as Jesus once did.