toddler cowboy hat

Toddler Cowboy Hat

The popularity of cowboy hats gave opportunity to hat makers to expand their market and take risks at different markets. Today cowboy hats are not only limited to men working in ranches of Mexico, South America or Australia. Residents of the big city also got comfortable in wearing these fashion and protective element. And over the past years after the cowgirl hat were invented, here comes infant cowboy hat, toddler cowboy hat, and children cowboy hat.

How to Clean a Toddler Cowboy Hat:

toddler cowboy hat

Toddlers between the ages of 1-4 years old are very energetic. This causes them to obtain accidental dirt and stains. Here are some helpful tips in cleaning in case a toddler cowboy hat became messy:

  • If the toddler cowboy hat is made from felt, sprinkle an ample amount of cornstarch enough to cover the stain and leave it for a couple of hours. Then brush the toddler cowboy hat in a gentle circular motion using soft bristle tooth brush. You can also use a towel in rubbing the hat. If those things do not work, try working with small make up sponge or an art gum eraser. For stubborn stains use fine grade of sandpaper however maintain a gentle rubbing motion.
  • For toddler cowboy hat made from straw, a brush or a whisk broom can remove loose dirt or dust. Using a damp towel, wipe the hat carefully. A small make up sponge and an art gum eraser can also be helpful.
  • Always remember to put the toddler cowboy hat in their casing to prevent it from getting dusts and dirt.
  • For genuinely made toddler cowboy hat, a hat restorer can take care of putting the hat back to its perfect shape.

Toddler Cowboy Hat: Do it Yourself

Toddler-hood is the age where they are starting to explore and try new things. Toddlers can’t be a hundred percent appreciative of a leather made felt toddler cowboy hat since playing is their number one priority at their age level. However here’s a mother and toddler bonding you can do which you could help your toddler develop mentally and emotionally by creating a do it yourself toddler cowboy hat.
  • Before starting, gather all the materials first (newspaper, cereal bowl, paper tape, scissors, butter knife, ruler, thin cardboard and tempera paint).
  • Place a small round cereal bowl facing down on any flat surface then  grab a piece of newspaper then mold it in the cereal creating the toddler cowboy hat’s crown. Secure the shape using paper tape on the bottom of the crown.
  • Remove the crown shaped newspaper from the bowl then cut the excess paper from the sheets.
  • Using a butter knife, press the top of the crown across the diameter to form a crease.
  • Now for the brim, measure the diameter of the crown’s opening. Draw two concentric circles on a thin cardboard. Design the circles with the use of your creativity. Cut the circle in half then paste it on the side of the crown.
  • Roll both sides of the brim towards the crown’s base similar to a real life toddler cowboy hat then gently release it.
  • And for the fun part, decoration! You could paint it, paste shapes on it, glitter it, anything you want. And don’t forget to involve your little ones in this activity for he’ll surely love it