more than car insurance

‘There’s so much more than car insurance. There’s life insurance, health insurance. property insurance, worker comp insurance, renter’s insurance, flood coverage and then there’s specialty insurance like the kind of insurance you’d want if you had million dollar legs. Insurance and so much more insurance. But Because there is so much to choose from, it can seem overwhelming and yes, even daunting. The task of sorting out the different types of insurance is hard enough, but then each type of insurance has different pitfalls and unique qualifications. You’d practically need  master degree in each insurance field to be able to really understand what each covers and when it does not.

Insurance agents can be super helpful. They can cut through so much of the fine print and explain it in plain English. That is of course if they are good. And by good I mean, there’s 2 different types of good. The first kind of good is the kind of good agent who really is skilled at what they do. They are knowledgeable in their product line and how it applies to your situation. They can quickly identify how your needs related to their different coverage options. That is a really good agent. But some other good agents simple are good people and don’t really know much about insurance. They are desiring to help you, but don’t get the details of their own products. It seems like you might just get a pot-luck of coverage and won’t be able to know for sure until something bad actually happens. Then suddenly you’ll be hit with the details of what is or more likely – is not covered. Be ready for an eye opener.

And yet, there are so many agents out there that are not good. They might be good at their product, but more likely they are good at getting paid big commissions. They know what products are better for them to bring back to the home office with another ‘sucker’ signed up. And boy oh boy is it ever tough to cut through all the hype and personality and salemanship and actually tell if your agent is any good.

One of the best methods of getting to the real answer of the effectiveness of the agent is to get some references. If you know someone that has already worked with him, then likely you’ll know how your agent will treat you.

Be very leery of working with relatives or friends or friends.  It can be very tricky when a problems comes up and you can quickly lose friends. Or it will be hard to get paid because of your ‘friends’ mistake.