The Holy Bible – American Standard Version (1901)

Electronic Version 4.4 Final Edition of the ASV 1901 Edition by, this digital version of the revered 1901 ASV Bible seeks to correct the “manmade errors of electronic versions released on the web”, and “is verified by a published version released by Star Bible Publications, Inc., Fort Worth, TX.

Being that the copyright has expired on the ASV, this Version 4.4 Final Edition has been placed back into public domain. The .pdf (available from the author for free at has been converted into Kindle format, left in the public domain, and with permission, is being offered freely to all in the Kindle e-book format.

Books of the Old and New Testaments have been linked into the Table of Contents, as well as the various original prefaces.

The Kindle store, alas, does not allow me to set the price as “free”, so I will sell it at the minimum price level and commit to donating all proceeds to Christian ministries.