The Holy Bible

Complete Bible Study software for Windows. Includes: King James, American Standard, Spanish and French versions. This Bible study software contains the entire King James Bible and it allows you to instantly search for any word or phrase in the entire King James Bible. The results can be clicked on to bring up the verses in context. Learn the meaning of scriptures by using Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary and other study helps. The integrated study software includes: Eastons Bible Dictionary, Naves Topical Bible, Torreys Topical Textbook and Strongs Lexicons – all available with just a click of a mouse. This Bible study software even includes maps, list of miracles, a harmony of the Gospels and information about each book of the Bible. This Bible study software allows you to bookmark any verse for instant retrieval. You may customize the program in many ways, including full control of the fonts used in the program. You may set the words of Christ in red, book titles in blue etc. Also included with this Bible software: merican Standard version (1901) – Spanish – La Biblia Reina Valera (1602 version)- French – Louis Segond version – Easton’s Bible Dictionary – Torry’s Topical Bible – Naves Topical Bible – List of Miracles and Parables – Strongs Lexicons – Maps of the Bible – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary. Note: The supplementary study material is only available in English.