The Great Doctrines of the Bible (Classic Reprint)

The demand for this book has come from the students in thft class room who have listened to these lectures on the Great Doe-txines of the Bible, and have desired and requested that they be put into permanent form for the purpose of further study aDd reference. This volume is prepared, therefore, primarily, but not exclusively, for the student, and with his needs in mind.
The doctrines herein treated are dealt with from the stand┬╗ point of Biblieal rather than Dogmatic iheology. This is evident from the plan which is followed in the work, namely, to gathev together all the Scripture passages dealing with the subject under consideration, and from them choose a required number that may be called repxesentative; then seek to understand the meaning of these referenees by the study of the text itself as well as its contexl and parallel passages; and finally, from the seleeted proof-texts^, formulate the doetrinal teaching, and place such results undei appropriate headings.
The doctrines of

Table of Contents

An Index to Subjeets Will Be Found on Page 273; Fache; The Docteine of God 9; The Docteine of Jesus Cheist 49; The Docteine of the Holt Spieit 103; The Docteine op Man 123; The Docteines op Salvation 135; Repentance-Faith-Regeneration-Justifieation-; Adoption-Sanctification-Prayer; The Docteine op the Chuech 177; The Docteine op the Sceiptuees 189; The Docteine op Angels 211; The Docteine op Satan 221; The Docteine op the Last Things 231; The Seeond Coming of Christ-The Resurrection-; The Judgment-The Destiny of the Wieked-The; Rewaxd of the Righteous

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