The Gift of Jabez

The Prayer of Jabez, A New York Times bestseller (over 12 million copies sold) has changed the lives of millions! This program examines and reveals the power of this simple prayer. Combining beautiful scenes from the Holy Land with in-depth interviews, featuring Biblical scholars from various religious traditions, this program includes a detailed history of the prayer. See how the power and blessing of this simple prayer can make a difference in your life. Extra Features: The Song of Jabez Written and arranged by DeWitt and Kim Jones. An original contemporary interpretation of the Prayer of Jabez that inspores and encourages all to join Jabez, as he cries out to the God of Israel, “Bless Me!” Song of the Holy Land Israel, God’s Holy Lnad, has been written about and photographed on countless occasions. Yet, never before has the spirit of this remarkable country been captured so beautifully as on this video journey of praise and worship.