The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed

Stumbled upon in 1947 by a Bedouin shepherd in a desert cave, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century. For over half a century they were studied only by a handful of privileged scholars whose silence aroused much speculation and controversy as to their content. Since the peeking of public curiosity, many best-selling books and popular articles have examined the ancient and mysterious script wrapped up in the Scrolls. About 80% to 85% of the Dead Sea Scrolls are written in one of three dialects of Hebrew: [5] Biblical Hebrew (also known as Classical Hebrew), “Dead Sea Scroll Hebrew” (on which see Hoffman 2004 or Qimron 1986), or proto-Tannaitic Hebrew, as in the Copper Scroll and the MMT (or 4QMMT) text. Biblical Hebrew dominates in the Biblical scrolls, and DSS Hebrew in scrolls which some scholars believe were composed at Qumran. Also some scrolls are written in Aramaic and a few in Koine Greek. The fragments span at least 800 texts that represent many diverse viewpoints, ranging from beliefs resembling those anciently attributed to the Essenes, to ideas which would appear to represent the tenets of other sects. “The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed CD-ROM” is interactive software designed by IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority) that enables every curious individual to explore the entirety of the Scrolls themselves. 100%user-friendly and complete, of course, with English translation, now you don’t have to wait for another scholar to write the next book. Get the Scrolls for yourself and delve into their many predictions, riddles, and ancient, unique insights into the origins of our modern Christian and Jewish worlds. Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. The in-depth journey into Israe’s history is shown to you on best quality DVD and with our full customer service and shipping guarantee.