The Christian Religion – What does Jesus Think About Politics

The Christian Religion – What does Jesus Think About Politics

Greg Boyd explains his take on what Jesus had to say about politics. Jesus has a great way of explaining that most of the time we are asking the wrong question. Asking which side of politics Jesus comes down on isn’t the right question.


The Christian Religion – What Hope Do We have?

According to the Christian Religion the real Hope of the world doesn’t like in the right candidate. The hope of the world lies in Jesus Christ – making Him King of Kings and Lord of your life.

The Christian Religion

Do not get sucked into the debate. And don’t suck Jesus into your debate either. The Christian Religion isn’t about politics and that should not be our focus. It’s interesting how little Jesus had to say about politics and we don’t find Him getting involved with life in that way. Naturally He could have taken political power, but instead He spent His life hanging around sinners and people that needed Him. He left The Christian Religion a legacy that we all want to live up to. Politics doesn’t seem to be a true reflection of The Christian Religion and what it stands for, which after all is the reflection of God and we know that God Is Love!

Thank you Greg Boyd for taking a minute to remind us that politics isn’t the answer – Jesus is! That’s not just according to The Christian Religion in general, He really is!