The Book of Revelation (WatchWORD Bible)

AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTION. The greatest prophetic message of all time, The Book of Revelation foretells the world’s end and God’s victory over evil when Jesus Christ returns from heaven. John’s message is more relevant than ever.
Promising God’s blessing on those who read it and those who hear and obey it, The Book of Revelation has never been easier to understand, with hundreds of inspiring scenes, special effects, and twenty-two chapters of original music.

The Book of Revelation won two awards in its prophetic premiere at the 2000 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival and is brought to you word-for-word through a dynamic combination of video, text, narration, music and sound effects. For the broadest reach it uses the Contemporary English Version. THE WATCHWORD BIBLE’ is compelling to watch and amazingly easy to understand. Its uses are almost endless: for kids, young adults, seniors, families, the disabled, churches, schools, Bible studies, reading programs and English as a second language. Instant chapter selection on DVD. THE WATCHWORD BIBLE’ –It’s the Word of God