The Big Guy Up There

Divorce – Guided Our Lives By The Big Guy Up There

Your Awareness

I did not know where to start. I had been used to having her beside me all the time, being with her nearly about every instant I wasn’t engaged in my academics plus extra-curricular activities.

I did not know who I used to be anymore. Six months of grief as well as feeling of loss passed. I had been constantly seeking refuge as well as support in my house of worship as I attended midweek and Sunday services, however none seemed soothing and assuring. I had no one to rest my weary shoulders. I necessary somebody coaching lives plus informing me what I ought to do.

It was only as soon as I had began to practice my Quiet Time (personal talk in addition to devotion with God) did I find the answer. I awoke at 5:30am to devote my personal time to Him alone, as well as in that moment I opened up the Bible, a message struck me as well as moved me intensely. The message was always there waiting for me to read it plus understand His message. The message was all concerning me. It said that I am His child, who was created in His image, love in addition to glory.

It put much wisdom into me. Here I used to be, all too busy to locate a really shallow meaning of how I’d manage to carry myself being apart from what I was as a result used to that I forgot Him; that all things that I’m was concerning Him; that what I have as well as what I should be doing should be for Him. I noticed that I am His son, who is a manifestation of His glory as well as greatness.

I realized that I’ve to look for Him first as well as his righteousness. With that, I will be given what my heart dreams in His good time. I was able to know now my purpose of existence.

The Inspiration

A new want for Him instead was born from within. So as to know myself better, I would have to know where I came from and what my purpose was. That would be recognize as well as renewed every day that I seek God. With it I take a purpose: to be an instrument of getting others closer back to Him in addition to spreading His word of the beauty in addition to wonders of getting passion in addition to faith, plus His promise of everlasting life plus blessings far more abundant than what we, as humans are limited to comprehend.

It didn’t take much time to get Him. He was there – always was. He was just waiting for me to stop as well as in fact look His way plus acknowledge His presence. The rest was history. Sometimes we already have your answers although we fail to look at the places nearest us.

We tend to seek something fast that we forget that as soon as we speed up our pace, it becomes harder for us to concentrate on all things that whiz past us fast.

By living our lives with Him in addition to his righteousness do we become life’s coaches. We will not know it although so long as we now have inspiration of Him in us as our fuel, it wouldn’t be that hard for us to truly go concerning and not notice that we ourselves are becoming devices in coaching lives.