Tattoos Of Celebrities

Tattoos Of Celebrities

Tattoos Of Celebrities - Alan Alda Tattoo

Sometimes you just want to show off who your favorite celebrity is. You have someone that you’ve really connected with and admire and naturally you want to let others know that  There are all time classic celebrities that won’t be going out of style in your lifetime and you might as well be willing to showcase it on your arm or thigh as it seems best fit.

More Tattoos Of Celebrities

Here is a picture of Elf as a tattoo

Elf Tattoo











And who wouldn’t want a tatoo of Oprah Winfrey on their arm?

Oprah Winfrey Tattoo

And then again, you could choose Judge Judy. Not quite so sure if she will be a classic icon, but ceratinly of this generation Judge Judy is well known and won’t be soon forgotten.

Judge Judy Tattoo on Thigh
Judge Judy Tattoo


Tattoos Of Celebrities are great – just make sure you think about it really good before you get it done!