Wood Floor Vacuum

Wood Floor Vacuum

Floors made from wood are very elegant to look at, but it needs a lot of maintenance in order to keep it shiny and dirt free. Unlike cement and tiles, wooden floors are more prone to scratching and scuffing. Thus, it needs a cleaning device that won’t be harsh on you floor like a wood floor vacuum. Dirt can easily accumulate and became permanent when not cleaned regularly. This can ruin the shine of your wooden floors forever.

wood floor vacuum

Wood floor vacuum is a great investment. It will provide thorough cleaning on your wooden floors and much quicker than a normal broom. Easy to use and won’t leave a single scratch on your floor. Bottom line, wood floor vacuum saves your effort, money, and time while keeping the sparkle of your wooden floors.

How Does A Wood Floor Vacuum Works

Wood floor vacuum works the same way like ordinary vacuum does. It suck everything on its path such as dirt, dust, insects and other particles on your floor. The only difference is wood floor vacuum exerts too much suction without using beater bar or brush like those you see in normal vacuums for carpets. This is to prevent any scratches on your wood floor.

Floors made from wood requires a polisher in order for it to maintain its luster.  There are some models of wood floor vacuum wherein you can put liquid floor polishers, these will save your time from doing two separate tasks of cleaning and polishing. You don’t always have to do it regularly if your floors still looked polished.

Wood floor vacuum is way a lot better than you broom and mop. Aside from it lessens the time needed for cleaning the entire floor, it does the job effectively in one time no need for rework again!

Important Details Before Buying A Wood Floor Vacuum

Wood floor vacuum is like a television, microwave, fridge, and other important appliances in your home that you would be using for the next 5 years before replacing it. Given that reason, you should purchase a wood floor vacuum that is made from high quality which has a price range of $200 to $300. Or you could settle on those $70 cheap brands and find yourself buying another wood floor vacuum after 6 months because the 1st one broke or does not clean well. One time splurge is okay as long as you can be sure that you will be getting the most out of it in the next few years.

People nowadays prefer portable devices most especially in cleaning. Weight is an important characteristic you should look at in a wood floor vacuum. The less weight the product has, the more handy and convenient it is to use. You can maneuver it easily without straining your arms and hands. The head of wood floor vacuum is also important. It must be flat enough to be able to fit under furniture and small corners of your house.

In terms of power, it is highly suggested that you would purchase a wood floor vacuum that has 10 amp power to effectively suck all the dirt you have on your floor.