New Spirit-Filled Life Bible: Kingdom Equipping Through the

Dr. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of The Church on the Way, has led a team of anointed leaders to produce the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, which offers a fresh look at the Scriptures and the work of the Holy Spirit. Now, this dynamic Bible is available in two contemporary new styles, both with durable, smooth-textured Leathersoft material.  This new edition addresses important issues of Spirit-filled living in the context of solid biblical scholarship. Readers will be glad to see the popular “Word Wealth” feature and the “Kingdom Dynamics” feature throughout the Bible.  A new generation of believers seeking to become biblically equipped for kingdom building will eagerly read and embrace the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible.

New Spirit-Filled Life Bible: Kingdom Equipping Through the Power of the Word (Bible Nkjv)

NIV Quest Study Bible, Revised

The Bible That Answers Your Bible Questions The pace-setting Quest question-and-answer bible is like no other ? a Bible that assists your journey to the meaning and heart of the Scriptures with notes that answer the questions you’ve always had about the Bible. Features Include: Over 7,000 sidebar notes shed textual, theological, and historical light on the Bible’s most puzzling passages. Nearly 350 articles by top scholars address some of the most popular and provocative questions asked by Christians and non-Christians. Article index and expanded subject index help you quickly find the answers you’re looking for. Single-column Scripture text format. Color-keyed verse numbers supply instant reference to articles and sidebar notes. Book introductions identify the themes, characters, and events of each Bible book. Over 150 two-color in-text charts, timelines, and maps furnish the background information you need to understand different passages. Concordance, dictionary, 16-page full-color map section, 7-page full-color timeline section, and reading plans assist your study of the Bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls ~ Unlocking the Secrets of the Scriptures

Around 70 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, a collection of over 900 scrolls containing Biblical texts and other manuscripts were hidden in caves in the Judean desert bording the Dead Sea. Although many were just fragments, the scrolls’ discovery nearly 2,000 years later was dubbed the archaeological find of the century and sent shockwaves through the world of Biblical scholarship. Who wrote them? Why were they hidden? And what light, if any, do they shed on the turbulent history of the Holy Land and its people?

Drawing on more than half a century of painstaking research, this absorbing film takes us one step closer to the truth behind one of the most enigmatic mysteries of the history of ancient civilization.

Holy Bible, Giant Print Presentation Edition: King James Version

It’s great to have plenty of choices when a Bible that’s easy on the eyes and the wallet is called for. All three of these editions feature 15.5-point type that is exceptionally crisp even under subdued lighting conditions. The Presentation Editions flexible, soft imitation leather binding makes it easy to hold and carry.

The Deluxe Edition is a classic “preacher’s Bible.” Bound in buttery-soft genuine leather, it is the prefect gift for holding in one’s hand while delivering a sermon or teaching from the Scriptures. This edition fits the bill as a special gift for the preacher, evangelist or Bible college graduate.