Blue Ribbon 18-Inch by 18-Inch by 22-Inch Complete Bird Cage

Complete 18-inch by 18-inch by 22-inch Bird Cage Accessory and Play Kit for medium birds. Great for Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Conures. Includes a square top cage constructed of high luster, powder coated, black wire with a smoke black color base featuring a deep pan, removable tray and a removable grate. Accessories included are: 2 seed and water cups, 2 comfort perches, mirror with beads, spinning play rings, wood ladder, swing, cement perch, calcium block, rope toy withbeads, treat cup, and 4 sanded perch covers. The cage, and all of the components are non-toxic, and completely safe for both the bird and it’s owner. Food items are not included.

Blue Ribbon 18-Inch by 18-Inch by 22-Inch Complete Bird Cage Kit for Medium Birds, Black/Smoke

Vision Bird Cage Model L02 – Large

The Vision Large Bird Cage #L02 is a suitable cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches. It provides your bird with lots of room to move around and Vision makes it easy for you to take care of your bird. Bird movements cause air currents, which flow outwards, and in the case of most standard bird cages these air currents eject waste and seed debris outside of the cage and onto the floor. With Vision Cages, the combination of the debris guard, the deep base and the placement of the seed/water cups helps combat air currents to keep the majority of the waste and debris inside the cage. This reduces the amount of mess and time-consuming clean ups, leaving you more time to enjoy your pet. The Vision Large Bird Cage is a great home for your new bird.

Vision Bird Pacifier

The Vision Pacifier is more then just a regular toy for medium sized birds such as lovebirds and cockatiels. It gives your bird something to groom and pluck at as opposed to plucking at its own feathers. The Vision Pacifier provides your bird with hours of entertainment and helps promote the natural urge to chew. It is a great way to keep your bird active and stimulated.

Marvelous Pet Supplies Jasmine Black & Gray Bird Cage

Marvelous Pet Supplies Jasmine Bird CageMarvelous Pet Supplies Jasmine Bird Cage is made with innovative designs and great functionalities. The bird cage can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes without any tools. The cage’s frame holds the body together, but also allows the owner to rotate the cage for ease of changing food and water. The revolving feeder doors also allow the owner to change food and water without the bird escaping. The Marvelous Pet Supplies Jasmine Bird Cage features a locking ball and spring door lock to ensure that your pet remains safe and secure. Pull out bottom grille and tray make cleaning hassle free. The cage includes two stainless steel cups and one perch. The cage’s innovative designs and two toned colors also make it a very attractive piece of furniture for your home. Ideal for Small Hookbills, Cockatiels, Conures and Lovebirds.