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Supernanny Jo Frost ha a great TV show that focused on families with young children where the parents are out of control. Well, actually more like the kids are out of control and the parents have lost control and really are not parenting any more. There are usually kids that wild, disrespectful and totally disobedient. The parents generally have their own methods of dealing with the kids that don’t work, such as yelling, screaming and normally using empty threats without any follow through of any kind. When there is action, it can be described as harsh, unkind and over the top. Parents can have frustration building up and when they finally blow up it’s not a pretty sights.

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The couple is often impacted in their own relationship when their kids are melting down. And the more distant the parents are, the harder it gets to be on the page and that makes it harder for the kids and the cycle continues.

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Jo has a very basic approach to the kids. treat them well, set up a specific set of expectations and make them clear. When expectations are not met, then have a concrete action plan. Super Nanny uses the time out technique with a naughty chair that kids get for 1 minute for year of age.

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