Styles of Hats

Brief History to the Different Styles of Hats

No one can tell for sure when the first hats existed in this planet. However it is certain that the prehistoric men wore head covers using animal skins. Different styles of hats serves different purposes like fashion, protective covering and warmth during cold winter days. Among the first styles of hats are the Phrygian cap which is also known as the liberty cap, these were worn by slaves in Greece and Rome when they first celebrated their freedom.

styles of hats

In 1529, Millener, the maker of women’s hats, began crafting women’s headgear in the late 17th century. Women’s styles of hats were not overtaken by the designs of early men’s hats. Instead early women’s hats were designed for fashion, class and glamour.  Milan, one of the fashion capitals, added ribbons, matching gloves and straws to their 17th century styles of hatsAs fashion continues to flounder, hats became bigger together with its ensembles (flowers, ribbons, feathers and tulle).

They say that the earliest hat ever recorded was invented in 7500 BC in  Çatal Höyük. In the United States, John Batterson Stetson is the first person to invent and sold his first styles of hats in Central City, Colorado. He is well known for his wide brimmed high crowned crafts which he named “Boss of the Plains” which now known as the “ten-gallon cowboy hat”.  Stetson, the brand name of the manufactured hats, is still existing to day as one of the most trusted hat makers.

Today there are lots of famous hat makers like London hatters James Lock&Co of St Jame’s Street London, Sharp & Davis of 6 Fish Street Hill and David Shilling. Elvis Pompilio and Fabienne Delvigne are Belgian hat makers whose designs are being spotted worn by European royalties. Another hat makers who is most trusted by royalties is award winning Irish milliner Philip Treacy.

Styles of Hats Around the Globe

There are lots of interesting styles of hats you can find in the world almanac. But one thing is certain, each styles of hats are made according to their culture and the environment they live in. The following are the uniquely designed hats found all over the globe.

  • Ayam from Korea is a traditional hat for women to keep them warm during winter.
  • Bearskin from Buckingham Palace are the tall, furry, full dress uniform hats worn by Brigade of Guards.
  • Beret from France are usually made from wool felt. It is a soft round hat with a flat crown  which is worn by both men and women. This hat symbolizes early French tradition.
  • Capotain from England and Northwestern Europe most commonly known as a Pilgrim hat already made its way to the heads of Englishman since the early 1590s.
  • Chilote cap from Chiloe Archipelago was made from raw wool to maintain warmth and it usually has a pompom on top.
  • Taqiyah is the round cap made from fabric which is worn by Muslim men.
  • Salakot from the Philippines are traditional hats made from rattan. These hats are worn by the farmers to protect them from intense heat of the sun while planting rice.
Either for fashion or protection, it is always important that the styles of hats you’re going to choose provides you comfort.