Straw Hats for Women

Straw Hats For Women

In Asia where most countries depend on rice as the most significant part of their meal, straw hats became a tradition for hardworking farmers to protect them under the harsh sun due to all day farming. These traditional hats retain their designs and elements although modern hatters transformed a simple straw hat into one of a fashion necessity just like straw hats for women.

Modern straw hats for women are still made to protect the head, face and neck from the sunlight and as a form of fashion statement as well.

Straw hats are made from woven straws or reeds. Most of straw hats are formed in a similar way like those felt hats. The straw were softened by submerging it in a hot water then shaped into a hat using the bare hands of a skilled hat maker.

Most expensive straw hats for women are made from finer class of straw which makes for a more consistent weave and elegant style. Larger straw hats for women are more expensive since it takes more time and effort to create it.

Tips on How to Wear Straw Hats for Women

straw hats for women

  • Straw hats for women are usually designed with wide brims to protect the face, neck and head from the UV rays of the sun during summer or in one hot sunny afternoon. But always choose a brim that will not entirely create a shadow on your face making the dark circles under your eyes look more darker. Wide brims can also create a dark illusion on the shade of your skin. Pick straw hats for women that are carefully designed so that you’d still look fab.
  • As you wear your straw hat, put a gentle pressure on it. This will prevent the straw hat from getting blown by the wind.
  • Decide on your hairstyle when wearing straw hats for women. Either you will stick it in a pony tail or leave it hanging along the sides.
  • Choose straw hats for women which are simple and natural in color. Colors pink, blue and black are a bit hard to match in any outfits unlike natural straw colors.
  • There are straw hats for women which are recommended by skin care physicians, its best if you check out those items too.

Straw Hats For Women: How to Care For It

  • It is not advisable to wash straw hats for women in a washing machine or with hands, it may cause deformity of the brims and crowns. However if stains were inevitable, spot clean those stained areas with cloth soaked in clean water.
  • Unlike cowboy hats, chemical cleaners or sprays are not recommended for straw hats for women. It can cause discoloration and it may ruin the texture of the straws.
  • If straw hats for women needs reshaping just gently stem the underside of the bream to allow the steam to penetrate. While its warm, mold it back into shape then hold it in place until cooled.
  • If you’re not confident of doing these steps you could always take your straw hats to an experts so they could fix your straw hat for you.