straw hats for men

Straw Hats for Men: How to Pick one that Suits You?

Straw hats already existed a long time ago in Asian and European countries. These hats serve as protection for farmers and field workers under the heat of the sun and even the sudden rainfalls. Today traditional straw hats were converted into a very stylish and classic modern straw hats that will make any man in a suit look like a screen actor. The components of modern straw hats for men are from carefully selected and crafted indigenous materials to make an elegant hat. Easter and hot summer days are the perfect timing to wear straw hats for men. Always wear a straw hat that fits your head perfectly. Too loose hats can get easily blown by the wind and too tight will give you a head ache. Brims are also important, too wide front brims can darken your face making the dark circles under your eye more noticeable. Always put a gentle pressure as you wear those straw hats so that it will stay on your head even in a windy afternoon.

Straw Hats for Men: How are They Made?

straw hats for menPanama hats are unquestionably the world’s most popular and stylish straw hats for men and women which is why it is important for us to know how are these hats made. Panama hats were designed and crafted by hat makers in the early 19th century. Political figures like John F. Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt had helped increased the popularity of these straw hats for men.  Today numerous celebs like Jason Mraz, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt were being spotted wearing this Panama hats. The materials which are used in creating Panama straw hats for men are all planted and harvested in golden toquilla plantations. Afterwards, the straws are cooked in big bowls. After it’s been cooled down, artisans will now work in fabricating the fivers. The end product is not only limited to straw hats but also fine weavers produce purses and baskets which were sold at a much cheaper price. By observing the fineness of the weave and the number of rows in the hat’s crown you will be able to realize the true value and quality of Panama hats. Usually Panama straw hats for men can range from a very low price of $10 to a whopping $3,000.

Straw Hats for Men: How to Know if They are Authentic?

There are lots of people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get what they want like high quality straw hats for men which are really expensive. Straw hats for men like Panama hats are hard to create, it takes more time and effort plus a talented and patient weaver too. Because of the popularity of straw hats for men and women, there are lots of hoax out there fooling consumers.

  • The sunlight test. A good way to determine if the straw hat is made from high quality is by raising it directly in the sunlight. You will easily notice if there are holes and gaps in the weaves.
  • Ask if how long the hat was made. A perfectly woven hat takes one month to finish.
  • Buy in the store where artisans are displaying their skills in the public. This might give you a hint of their work process.