Straw Cowboy Hat

Look Your Best this Summer with a Straw Cowboy Hat
If you’re ready to make a statement this summer, grab a cool straw cowboy hat! These hats are made in that fashionable Western cowboy style but are manufactured in straw for an airy summer feel. Straw cowboy hats allow you to stay cool under the heat by providing shade and sun protection, without having your head heat up under the usual leather and felt material.

Several brands have come up with various straw cowboy hats. With their innovative designs, these hats are perfect for both men and women. A beautiful black straw cowboy hat that may seem great for men is the Night Rider made by Charlie 1Horse Cowboy Hats. This hat has a 3.5 inch shapeable brim, with a 4.25 inch front crown. In sleek black, this cowboy hat is perfect for an occasion fit for the night. The hat is adorned with a black barrel bead and silver concho with a tassel hanging from the back.

An interesting cowboy straw hat is the Jack Daniels Gambler hat in toyo staw. This comes in the natural straw color with a black leather band and a JD logo pin. This employs a gambler hat crown with a 3 inch brim. Pair it with a white cotton button down polo shirt, and you’re ready to look your best this summer.

Mens straw cowboy hats in soft toyo straw are also available in denim blue. Brought to you by Shady Brady Cowboy Hats, These have pinch front crowns and fully shapeable brims plus cord bands with concho for extra style. Wear them with denim jeans and you will look just stylish.

Straw cowboy hats for women are also available. The Sonoma Raffia Straw Cowboy hat made by the Deadwood Trading Company is nothing short of stylish. In a beautiful sun burnt brown color and with a vented hondo crown, this hat is sure to steal looks from men. It is equipped with a double layer woven cotton band with concho and a chin strap. This hat would look lovely when paired with a sheer white dress or cover up.

The Cherokee Toyo Straw Cowboy hat is also very feminine thanks to its adornment in the middle. It has a 3.5 inch shapeable brim in weathered toyo straw. And the suede leather patch in the front is adorned with feathers, a large metal concho and a striking turquoise accent perfect for women. Pair this one off with a sun dress in bold block colors such as yellow, pink or green. If you’re a lady with blue eyes, nothing like the turquoise accent could bring out the color of your eyes.

Finally, the Calamity is a straw cowboy hat for women that come in bright, pastel colors. These straw cowboy hats are manufactured in a charming bubblegum pink and a spunky lime green. Made from toyo straw, this has a 4 inch cattleman crown, and a 3.25 torked brim with a white double wrapped cord band with a matching chinstrap. Have your accessories in matching colors, and you’re sure to make a statement.

Search for your own straw cowboy hat in the Internet and check the price for deals. You would find many choices, so be sure to pick the right one and grab it now!