What are Steamcleaners?

These are appliances that use “steam” in cleaning, drying and sanitizing. The heat element found on steamcleaners is responsible for sterilizing objects and eradicating microorganisms that can’t be seen by a naked eye. The steam comes from a boiler which produces heated water with temperatures ranging from 115 to 155 degrees celsius.

Steamcleaners are designed efficiently in order to provide safety to users. Most   steamcleaners appliances only consume a minimal amount of water unlike other cleaning devices. There are some instances wherein the product uses hot water when cleaning other than steam, then referring itself as steamcleaners which are false advertisements.

Steamcleaners are ideal for use in buildings, homes and even hospitals where there are lots of disinfecting needed. Steamcleaners are also environmental friendly for it does not need any chemical solutions when cleaning which can be harmful to the air that we breathe.  These type of appliances are getting popular in the market because aside from its cleaning power, it can also kill pests such as mites and bed bugs.

Steamcleaners are also ideal to use in hypoallergenic settings like a nursery room or for an asthmatic individuals because there’s less need for chemical concoctions. Bleach, muriatic acid, detergents, etc contains irritating fumes that mix in the air and personal items that can trigger asthma attacks or allergies.  Mold, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are eliminated through steam cleaners.

Different Types of Steamcleaners and Their Uses

Steamcleaners for Carpet


Old school vacuum cleaners are nothing but heavy and hard to use appliances, the worst part is it doesn’t clean that well. Steamcleaners lets yo clean your carpets the way you always wanted. The steam loosens hard to clean spots on your carpet like hair, grit and dusts. In addition, the extremely hot dry steam will leave you carpet surface dry in just minutes.

Steam Cleaners for Clothes

Not all clothes will retain its shape after washing them by hands nor a washing machine most especially dresses that were made from delicate fabrics. Gowns, coats, tuxedos, and couture collections are examples of clothes where steamcleaners will be extremely handy. Steam cleaning or dry cleaning method is the safest, gentlest and most effective method in removing stains and  wrinkles on your clothes. Steamcleaners designed for clothes have a controlled temperature enough to effectively iron your clothes and not burn it. Its an all in one cleaning and ironing device that you’ll surely love!

When steam cleaning your clothes, the first step is to remove the water holding chamber on your steam cleaner. Fill it but make sure that you will not pass the line. You will now select the desired settings on you steamcleaners either jeans, silk, etc. Then plug the device and turn it on. Let it warm up for about 3-5 minutes depending on the instructions. Hang your clothes. Start steaming. Hold the steam cleaner approximately 6 inches away from the garment. If the wrinkle is not removed the first time you try, shake the clothes then try running the steam again.