Steam Floor Mop

Steam Floor Mop

Steam cleaners are modern ways of effectively cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces. It utilizes an extremely hot steam that has a temperature of over 100 degrees celsius to remove grease and kill germs, fungi, dust mites, etc. It is known for natural cleaning method without using harmful chemical additives that can effectively exterminate even stubborn bugs. Steam floor map is one of the steam cleaning device that is becoming popular not only in the United States but even in Europe.

Did you know that steam cleaners were discovered by accident? Steam floor mop existed already in the early 1920’s but in a more simpler and low profile version. During that time Frank W. Ofeldt II was perfecting the invention of his very own portable whiskey containers on his garage using gas fired water heaters and boilers. The steam outlet accidentally aimed downward where Ofeldt was amazed on how it easily removed the grease that’s been on the floor for a long time. His discovery gave an idea to different entrepreneurs which led to the invention of modern steam floor mop.

Guides in Buying Steam Floor Mop

steam floor mop

  • Would you like a plain steam floor mop or a steam floor cleaner with vacuum features? A steam floor mop works by heating the water in the tank for about 3 to 5 minutes then the super hot steam will remove any dirt, grease, stains, and many others along its path. For those without vacuuming features, the debris and other particles will be absorbed in a super absorbent fiber that comes along with the package. Plain steam floor mop cleaner are more affordable and more lighter compared to vacuum steam floor mop. But despite the price and weight, more customers prefer a steam floor mop with vacuum features.
  • The indicator of a good steam floor mop is the less time it requires for the water to heat up and its capability to steam for more than 10minutes. Of course you wouldn’t want to wait for more than 5 minutes for the device to warm up and only able to use it for 10 minutes because you need to heat it up again. Another important feature is the capacity of the water tank, the more water you could fill the less time wasted in refilling it.
  • The length of the cleaning cord and the adjustable handle are also a plus. These helps you reach areas like ceiling, narrow corners, back of furniture, to name a few.
  • Steam floor mop that uses tap water are more expensive. If you are quite short in your budget you can always settle on the low priced one except it uses chemical additives. Determine if how much is the cost of those solutions then estimate. If you think that you would be spending more with these chemical solutions, then just buy an expensive steam floor mop.
  • Take note of the product’s warranty, it should be 1 year or more. Sometimes warranty resembles the quality. If you were only given 6 months of product warranty, this means that the product may fail after that.