Staph Infection rash

Staph Infection Rash

Staph infection rash occurs from the invasion of the bacteria called staphylococcus. Staphylococcus has 30 species of opportunistic bacteria which feed on humans and other living things like dog to survive. Some of the anomalies that staph causes to humans are food poisoning, staph infection rash on skin, osteomyelitis, and pneumonia for the worst cases.

Staphylococcus are part of the normal flora of the human skin which usually proliferate on the nose, feet, genitals and anus. However these bacteria can’t harm a healthy and neat freak individuals. As long as you take a bath at least once a day and live a healthy lifestyle there is a zero percent chance that you will get staph infection rash.

Staph infection rash are usually the first signs and symptoms that will appear in staph skin infection. These can be described as very itchy, red patches which is warm to touch. Staph infection rash will then turn to blisters and pus accumulated skin when left untreated.

Staph skin infection are highly contagious which can be transmitted in two ways: a direct skin to skin contact from the infected host to another individual and by indirect contact for example borrowing or touching soiled items of a person who has staph infection rash.

How to Treat Staph Infection Rash?

staph infection rash

Staph infection can easily be treated, but the problem is patients are ignoring staph infection rash thinking that it was just normal. They only take actions when carbuncles and blisters are starting to show up.

Upon noticing staph infection rash its better to keep the area clean and if there are any wounds, cover it with bandage to prevent further contamination.

Don’t play doctor and buy over the counter antibiotics to cure staph infection rash or other infections because you don’t know for sure what’s causing the infection. Each antibiotic are made from weakened bacteria to counteract the effect of the same live bacteria that’s causing anomalies in the human body. The doctor will order a lab test called culture sensitivity to determine the bacteria, after that its the only time that the doctor will prescribe the proper antibiotic.

An effective way in treating staph infection rash is to take antibiotics at the exact time without skipping, delaying and most of all sudden stopping without any doctors order. Mind you, these bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics easily.

How to Prevent Acquiring Staph Infection Rash?

  • Boost your immune system. As we discussed earlier staphylococcus are normally living in some parts of our body and they are just waiting for the perfect time to strike. A weak immune system and a breakage in the skin are the primary targets of these flesh eating bacteria which is why post operative patients are at risk for infection.
  • Don’t experiment with antibiotics and other medication. Most of the antibiotics are made from weaken toxin or bacteria which causes allergies and sometimes staph infection rash.
  • It never hurts to be clean. Aside from we make ourselves presentable, proliferating of staphylococcus causing staph infection rash are minimized.