Staph Infection In Nose

Staph Infection In Nose

One of the common places to find the staph virus is in the nose. If you suspect that you may have a staph infection in or around your nose there are some simple steps you can take to speed your recovery and aid in the treatment thereof. Here are a few suggestions.

Staph Infection In Nose Staph Infection In Nose

Beginning signs of Staph Infection In Nose may look different for different people. From basic red blotches to scabby and pussy ooze there are a number of different starting appearances. You should keep a log of how the appearance changes if you think you might have a Staph Infection In Nose.

Taking pictures is another great way to document the progression and condition of your nose. You can take pictures of yourself in a mirror or hold the camera away from your head and take the picture that way. Of course if you could have someone else help, that would make it even easier.  Even a photo from your  cell phone is helpful. When you go see your doctor, you should take the photos along as it will be good to have in your file and it will help your doctor see and compare to the earlier photos you took to the current condition. Make sure to date the photos and note if they are in a mirror or straight on.

Your doctor will have a number of questions for you and the more info you have ready the better as it will make your visit more efficient and more effective. The sooner you can begin treatment the sooner you will heal.

Is a Staph Infection In Nose Contagious?

Staph infections can be spread, so you should use care how you come into contact with other people. Check with your doctor for specific details.

What to do with the Staph Infection In Nose?

  • Frequent Washing of hands
  • Avoiding touching face area
  • Keep Kleenex available
  • Keep things that come in contact with your head clean
    • pillow case
    • gloves
    • glasses / sunglasses
    • phone and cell phone

If you find that you have Staph Infection In Nose see your doctor immediately so you can begin treatment.