RV Bike Rack

RV Bike Rack

Motor homes and RV are perfect for families who prefer outdoor activities during summer vacation than those who prefer to stay in posh hotels and attend formal dinner balls after a whole day of shopping. Bringing the entire family in a camping trip and getting close to nature is the traditional American way of bonding. But aside from your fishing boat and gears, bikes are one of the most hard things to pack in an RV if you don’t have an RV bike rack.

RV bike rack is designed to carry two wheel bicycles and it is usually assembled at the back of a motor home. So instead of tying your expensive bike using several ropes just to secure it in place, install an RV bike rack instead to avoid those hassles.

RV bike rack

Tips in Choosing an RV Bike Rack for Your Motor Home

Vehicle, bike and user compatibility plus the vehicle accessibility are the four main perspective you have to look at when you’re going to purchase your very own RV bike rack.

When looking for an RV bike rack you should keep in mind first the design of your vehicle.

  • An RV bike rack can be mounted on the vehicle in three different ways: it can be mounted to the ladder, bolted around a square bumper or slide into the trailer hitch.
  • When entering a store you should also have important measurements such as the bumper of your vehicle to determine if it has enough space for the RV bike rack. Remember that the bumper should be 4″ to 4-1/4″, welded to the frame and not made from aluminum.
  • An RV bike rack is made to be compatible with ladders that have flat or round steps.
  • Hitch mounted RV bike racks are more ideal since it gives you the most option and convenience.
After the vehicle you must also consider the bikes that you will put on the RV bike rack. Here are the different styles of an RV bike rack.
Wheel Mount
  • Bolt-on bumper rack. It has tire rails which you will place the wheels of the bikes and each bike are tied down separately. This type of RV bike rack has an adjustable rack to accommodate bike of different sizes. However it is ideal that all the bikes that you carry on the RV bike rack are in same sizes.
  • Hitch rack. There are wheel mounts for the wheels and bike are secured in place using wheel clamp or frame clamp.

Frame Mount

  • Ladder Mounts. During transportation, the bikes are supported by 2 arms and bike frames are secured using straps. This kind of RV bike rack carries up to two bikes vertically and can accommodate all styles of bikes.
  • Bumper Mounts. Similar to ladder mounts, bike are supported by 2 arms however the RV bike rack is assembled to the bumper. The bike’s crossbar are tightly secured with the J-bolt. The narrow arm span allows accommodation for different bike sizes.
  • Hitch mounts. This RV bike rack can carry 5 bikes during a road trip. The bike frames are supported by the arms.