Rosalie on tSc – Mio heart Rate Monitor Watch

Rosalie Brown shows the Mio Heart Rate Monitor Watch on The Shopping Channel On the surface MIO Motiva Petite is a stylish, everyday wearable fitness accessory. But MIO Motiva Petite takes things one step further by including MIO’s patented weight management system, giving you the motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. It also includes a bonus, interchangeable watch band right in the box! Set daily calorie targets and record the number of calories you eat throughout the day. MIO Motiva Petite displays how well you’re doing and sets off an alarm if you go over. When it comes to exercise, check that your heart rate is up and keep it there for maximum calorie burn. With MIO Motiva Petite, you can literally watch the calories burn off! aturesManuals and SpecsPhotosReviewsOn demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap Patented calorie management system records the calories you eat during the day against the calories burned during exercise to help you manage your weight effectively Visual indicator of exertion level Percentage of maximum heart rate Heart rate recovery test designed to measure your fitness level Get results faster with the MIO 3500 Calorie Club program Five (5) excercise timers: Count up, Count down, Count up with warm-up, Walk/Run and Repeat Interchangeable petite watch band with colors to fit your every mood (BONUS Petite Band Included) BONUS: MioSense Guide included

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