Riding Hats Are Not Optional

Riding Hats Are Not Optional

Riding hats should not be an optional accessory when you go horse back riding. Really a riding hat should be as important in your riding as the reigns or saddle.  It is not a matter of whether or not you’re a good enough rider to stay on your horse, but a question of when you will get bucked off, thrown or in some other way get potentially injured by a horse. A horse may not mean to hurt you and t may be an accident like bumping you into the fence head first just because your horse is trying to move.

horse riding hats with good strap

Riding hats can save you from serious injury and make a fall that could have been disastrous into a minor event that might need some tylonol to help you feel better. Check out the different safety features of riding hats – and remember that using a good strap will help keep your riding hat securely in place.

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there’s no time to waste – the weather is nice and your horse wants to go for a ride. Find the best Riding Hats for you – make sure it is also the right size riding hat or it will jossle around and not fit snug, which will not protect you properly.


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