Riding Hats for Your Protection

When a person rides horses, it is essential to wear riding hats. A riding hat or a riding helmet is designed to provide protection to the rider in case of falls by absorbing the impact when the rider’s head hits the ground. Riding helmets are made of a hard shell with an impact resistant plastic or resin on the outside. The inside of the shell is made with padded materials to cushion the head. The brim is also made flexible, so it can give way in case the rider falls on it.

Riding Hats for Your Protection

However, there are some horse riding hats that don’t provide adequate protection. These hats are made for dressageriding hats shows, leisurely riding, or simply worn for style. However, it is important to note that horseback riding should be taken seriously, and that any type of horseback riding, whether for competition or not, should be practiced in safe conditions.

Some hats such as the English riding hat don’t have the protective shell covering. English riding hats usually employ the top hat style. A top hat is a tall, broad brimmed hat with a flat crown usually in black. These hats are very traditional as one look of them can really make you think of English customs. Sometimes English riding hats can come in the bowler hat style, with the top coming in as round rather than flat. These hats offer little protection and are usually used for dressage or for pleasure riding.

Another type of riding hats is the Spanish riding hats. This looks much like English top hats but has a wider brim and usually a shorter crown. Spanish hats look like English top hats mixed with Mexican styled hats. This kind of hat also does not offer much protection to the rider.

Western riding hats are those cowboy styled hats. Traditionally worn by cowboys, these hats come in cowhide leather, straw, or fur based felt. These hats have a high crown, with a wide brim curving to each side. These traditional cowboy hats provide adequate heat protection, but do little to protect the rider from head injuries during falls.

Luckily, brands such as Troxel have brought out an innovative western style of riding helmet. This type of riding hat mixes the protective measure of riding helmets with the traditional Western style. These helmets come in iconic western colors such as brown, amber, terracotta and beige. They have even gone so far as providing the classic western style hat but with the protection of a low profile riding helmet underneath it.

So when you’re purchasing riding hats, do think about your own safety. Go for the riding hats that offer you the best protection. If you’re worried about style, look around the Internet and you will see that there are a lot of riding hats for sale that have more to offer in terms of design.

Grab your riding hats and get riding!