Buying a Riding Hat?

[ad#GA 336×280 FL R]A riding hat is a piece of headgear worn by a person when riding horses. Some horse riding hats are specifically designed to provide protection to a rider’s head in case a person falls off a horse. This type of horse riding hat is typically called a helmet and is usually worn by an equestrian during competitive horse racing events. However, in the same way helmets are always worn when riding motorbikes, wearing riding hats should also be a practice that must be observed every time when horse back riding to prevent possible injuries.

Riding helmets are composed of a hard shell on the outside of an impact resistant plastic or resin. The brim is made flexible so that if in case the rider falls, the brim can give way. Underneath the shell are padded materials designed to absorb the impact of the fall. The shell is then usually covered with velvet, or any cloth for attractiveness. It is essential for riding hats to always provide protection to the rider. However some riding hats are meant only for show, or for heat protection, and do not really help too much in protecting the riders in case of falls.

When choosing to buy riding hats, it is best to familiarize yourself with the types of riding hats available and the protection they  can give. It is also good to think about what purpose the horse hats will be for. Included here are some types of riding hats. Knowing about each one will help you make the smarter decision when finally purchasing one.

English riding hats are usually top hats covered in silk. A top hat is a tall, flat crowned and broad brimmed hat and is usually used for dressage and for show. These hats look very traditional and can give the wearer a distinctive and elegant air. Sometimes an English hat can employ the bowler hat style with the top being rounded instead of flat, but still retaining the wide brim. These hats, although attractive, offer little protection and are best kept for show or pleasure riding.

A Western riding hat is what cowboys in movies wear. These are high crowned, wide brimmed hats and are another defining icon to a Western cowboy as his boots are. These hats are usually made of fur based felt, straw and leather, and once again, offer little protection to the rider.

However, brands such as Troxel have developed a western style of riding helmets. The brand has mixed the classic style of Western riding hats with that of riding helmets to give that Western feel while not compromising protection.

These helmets, instead of sporting the usual black riding hat look, are made in colors such as brown and terracotta. Some helmets have leather covering instead of velvet, while others still retain the exact cowboy hat look but with the protection of low-profile helmet.

Another type of riding hats is the Spanish riding hat. This can look a lot like top hat with the exception of its brim’s wideness. Spanish riding hats look somewhat like a cross between English top hats and Mexican hats.

Familiarizing yourself with these types of riding hat will give you a better understanding as to what you will need and what type of riding hat will best serve you. Whether these hats are designed for protection or for show, having this knowledge in mind will allow you to make the best choice.