Riccar Vacuum Price

Riccar Vacuum Price

The brand name Riccar has been providing high quality home appliances to America for more than 55 years. But of all the products being manufactured by Riccar, their high end vacuum cleaners are the most popular. Riccar had also created different models of vacuum cleaners to keep up with the latest trends. They offer canister vacuums, upright models, and central vacuums which weights are not going over 8 pounds. To guarantee yourself that you will be purchasing authentic Riccar Vacuums make sure to transact in authorized dealers only. The dealers of Riccar are focused on providing excellent customer service and giving solid follow up guidelines.

riccar vacuum price

Riccar Vacuum Price of Different Model

Upright Vacuums

The Premium Radiance model is the Riccar’s original upright vacuum that contains Riccar’s formulated Tandem Air System which acts as HEPA filtration agent and enhances excellent cleaning performance. The cleaning technology of this vacuum not only eliminates visible particles but even 99.97% of allergens, dust mites, etc. which can’t be seen with your bare eyesight. Another feature of this product is a motor sensor which lets you know if the area is already free from dirt.

 Riccar Vacuum Prices of Upright Models

  •  $ 1,529.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of Premium Radiance
  • $ 1,385.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of Radiance
  • $ 969.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of Brilliance Premium
  • $ 859.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of Brilliance Deluxe
  • $ 769.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of Brilliance Standard

Canister Vacuums

Riccar produces canister vacuum cleaners applicable for cleaning all types of floor surfaces from carpeted to hardwood. The 1800 Premium canister is the must have among all models of  Riccar canister vacuums. Aside from excellent cleaning features, it produces a quiet sound when in use.

Riccar Vacuum Prices of Canister Vacuums

  • $ 1,529.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of the Immaculate Canister Vacuum
  • $ 1,299.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of the Impeccable Canister Vacuum
  • $ 549.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of the Pizzazz Compact
  • $ 279.95 – Riccar Vacuum Price of the Moonlight Compact

Disadvantages of Riccar Vacuum

  • First and foremost is finding a local store which is an authorized dealer of Riccar vacuums. You have to search first the internet for your answer.
  • The Riccar vacuum price itself is a huge disadvantage for consumers aspiring to have a high quality vacuum but does not have sufficient budget. The lowest price you could get to buy a Riccar vacuum is more or less $300 dollars.  For first time vacuum users who does not want to spend that much, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are worth a try which is only $40 – %50.
  • There are complains of intense noise coming from these vacuum cleaners. You have to literally cover your ears with a headphone while using this since it the noise is very irritating. This are not good for homes  who has babies in it. Plus you better use it during daytime only so you won’t disturb everyone sleeping.
  • Finding replacements for the different vacuum parts online can be difficult since Riccar vacuum price is more focused on selling their products through local authorized dealers. This is also the reason why the name Riccar is not quite popular among American household compared to Eureka, Bissell and others.