Restaurant experiences KFC

Restaurant Experiences KFC

Some restaurant experiences are great, some are forgettable and others are downright awful. This visit was somewhere between awful and forgettable. We took some pictures of how filthy this KFC was. the odd thing was that we took the pictures to the counter and showed them the mess. They didn’t seem to think it mattered much. Guess that could be a combination of apathy and not caring 🙂



The picture of the table edge and the dirty floor underneath was bad. Overall it was a nice facility and if the staff cared just a little bit more, ten it could have been a good visit. The food was acceptable, however it is a bit odd that at a Kentucky fried Chicken that you can’t order just chicken. It has to come with sides, or they charge you more. Would be awesome if they ha a meal plan that actually featured the dish they are famous for.

This visit gets 6 out of 10 spoons. 3 spoons deducted for cleanliness and 1 deducted for apathy.

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