Rear Bike Racks

Rear Bike Racks

rear bike racks

If you’re heading at the convenient store just across the street, why use fuel powered vehicles if you can just ride on your two wheeler – energy saving and fat burning. Adding rear bike racks on your bikes can also put additional storage for your bags, grocery items and other important stuff.

Rear bike racks  are easy to install. Some other bike models also come along with ready to use rear bike racks.

Purposes of Rear Bike Racks

There are individuals who bough their bikes with a ready installed rear bike racks but don’t know its purpose. Rear bike racks are perfect for placing items instead of using your one hand for holding it and the other for driving. Another unique purpose of rear bike racks is you could place a soft pad on it so that other person can sit on it as well.

There are bikes wherein there’s no attached rear bike racks, you have to buy them separately. For some buying tips, different rear bike racks are rated with their capacity to hold objects. Some can only support 20 lbs and other heavy duty made are able to carry objects up to 80 lbs. Therefore if you frequently use your bike to make few errands at the grocery, make sure that you will buy a strong and quality made rear bike racks.

If you are using your bike for off road driving, you should also be aware that if you put so much weight at the back of your bike the front wheel easily flips up in an uphill slope. Weight distribution is very important.

It is also important that if you are going to attach saddlebag in the rear bike rack, they should be placed properly to avoid interference with the wheels.

Accessories You Could Place on Your Rear Bike Rack

  • Bike baskets. There are two types of bike baskets, with lid and without lid. Bike baskets with lids are great protection under the sun and rain if your carrying food or other important items. Basket without lids can carry large items since it has no covers.
  • Saddle bags. It is placed on the rear bike racks which you can store spare tube, patch kit, tire levers and other gears that you need. Saddle bags adds only few wait on the back of your bike unlike bike baskets. It also has zipper which you could put padlocks on when leaving important personal belongings.
  • Bike seat. If the rear bike rack is strong enough, you can place a bike seat to make room for one more rider on your two wheeler.

Installing Your Rear Bike Rack

  • Using a pencil or other pointed objects like the tip of umbrella, push the plastic frame plug out.
  • Then push the rear bike rack button as you insert the rack tongue.
  • Adjust the length of legs of the rear bike rack by turning the rack foot.
  • Tighten using locking nut then attach the rack foot to frame with hook and loop strap. That’s how you install your very own rear bike racks!