Reading the Bible in Hebrew

Reading Hebrew can be fun! This wonderful audio CD will lead you through the first 4 chapters of Genesis. In fact, it has 8 tracks which you can use for both reading practice and for listening or meditation. Each chapter is narrated twice; once in regular reading pace, and second time in a slow reading pace.

Beautiful narration coupled with superb sound quality

This CD is beautifully narrated by Mr. Uri Harel, the founder and director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. His superb narration and the crystal clear sound quality make this audio CD the best Biblical narration you’ve ever heard.

With this CD you get:

* A great tool for practicing reading Hebrew
* A wonderful narration for meditation
* Crystal clear sound quality
* Proper Hebrew accent narrated by an native Israeli.
* Professional diction and emphasis of words and syllables
* 2 speed reading in one CD
* A real taste of Biblical Hebrew