pocket magnifying glass

Pocket Magnifying Glass

The early magnifying glass already existed in the year 1200 when Roger Bacon, an Englishman and a Scientist, want to take a closer look to specimens that can be seen by a naked eye. Today a simple magnifying glass took different forms and changes with the same purpose of assisting the eye in seeing things. One of the latest inventions are the combination of magnifying lenses with fluorescent or LED lights. However the simple and small tiny pocket magnifying glass is still in demand for travelers, nature hunters and field explorers.

Today, everything seems have its smaller versions like a pocket watch, miniature television, netbooks and even pocket magnifying glass. In contrast to the bulky desk magnifying glass with lights, this tiny pocket magnifying glass can literally fit into pockets and some are designed to lanyard holes so that you could use it as a necklace. The sizes ranges from 3 inches to a maximum of 7 inches in length and very light weight. When it comes to its magnification capacity there’s still no doubt or question on it. Some pocket magnifying glass have built in lights and some don’t. Designs also vary, some can be folded and some are just fixed.pocket magnifying glass

Pocket Magnifying Glass: Uses For Science and Nature

They say that pocket magnifying glass is the most important thing a scientist need next to his gloves. Size doesn’t matter and when it comes to tough work of science and adventure in the wild, lets see why this pocket magnifying glass beats the tall magnifying lamps with light.

  • Pocket magnifying glass are great for camping outdoors. Instead of bringing old fashioned magnifying glass which can take a lot of space on your baggage, this handy pocket magnifying glass can be used in starting fire.
  • Scientist mostly uses pocket magnifying glass when using field works. Aside from its handiness, there are custom made pocket magnifying glass used in identifying minerals, organisms and other science related stuff.
  • Pocket magnifying glass are useful in road trips. You can magnify maps and when you got lost, there are pocket magnifying glass that comes along with a compass.
  • Some pocket magnifying glass are uniquely designed. There are some that includes a mini watch, a knife or temperature detector.

Pocket Magnifying Glass: Disadvantages

  • Pocket magnifying glass has a very little focal view and some have limited magnification power.
  • It may be too small for doing hand craft works like sewing and knitting.
  • Some pocket magnifying glass can break easily when accidentally sat on.
  • Pocket magnifying glass magnifies letters one by one, so it is not advisable when you are reading a book.
  • Pocket magnifying glass with light is not that bright. Which causes eye to strain.
  • Pocket magnifying glass can be useful on emergency purposes only not in day to day normal activities.
  • It takes practice to learn how to use it.
  • When the lens of a pocket magnifying glass is broken, it can be hard or impossible to find replacement for it since it is custom made for a specific model.