Park Bike Stand

Park Bike Stand

Like jacks for four wheel vehicles, park bike stand are needed by mechanics as a stable support for the two wheeler ride while fixing it. Park bike stand can also be used as an all in one bike rack at your home instead of leaning your bike against the wall or leaving them laying on the ground. Park bike stand are conveniently designed and made; it can be folded so that you could store it in the closet when not in use or you could attach it at the back of your car as a form of bike rack when you are travelling and bringing your bike with you.

Park Bike Stand: Types and Purposes

park bike stand

There are numerous designs of park bike stand that stores offer. It is important that you determine your needs before selecting park bike stand so that you could get the most out of it. Here are the different park bike stand and their purposes.

The first type of park bike stand is the miniature stands. These are suitable for simple home repairs plus it is very affordable. NOTE: It’s not made for heavy duty work therefore if you are repairing bikes everyday, then this kind of park bike stand are not advisable for your needs.

The next type of park bike stands are for avid bike racers which is the race stand. The beneficial characteristics of this park bike stand are it is very light weight which is easy to bring along anywhere and no clamping pressure are needed to secure the frames of your bikes.

Next kind of park bike stand is the spring clamp consumer bike stands. It is the most in demand design of all. One of its main feature is the “spring clamp”. Spring clamp are easy to attach unlike other models wherein you have to put additional pressure on the bolts to be able to secure the bikes.

Screw down consumer park bike stand are quite similar to the spring clamp consumer bike stand however with this model you have to manually adjust the clamp pressure. These can be helpful when fixing bikes that have thin frames.

The last type of park bike stand is the big sturdy shop stands. These are designed for heavy duty all day bike mechanical works. It is extremely heavy and quiet expensive. NOTE: These are only advisable for those who owns a bike repair shop business. Buying this kind of park bike stand will be just a waste of money and space if used for personal purposes only.

Taking Care of Your Park Bike Rack

Buying a park bike stand may be expensive but its all worth your money. The key to making this park bike rack last for a lifetime is proper caring just like you did to your bikes. Most park bike racks are made from metal and aluminum which is prone to corrosion therefore you need to store them in a dry place, free from wind and water. Wipe oil and other stains using dry cloth to make it look like new.