Outdoor Bicycle Storage

Outdoor Bicycle Storage

What will you do with your bikes if your garage is so small that it could only fit one vehicle? Sounds crazy but other people living in the city store it in their living room or just secure it with a lock and leave it in the front door. Outdoor bicycle storage are the perfect solution for bikers who don’t have ample space indoors. Using outdoor bicycle storage can protect your precious bikes from acid rain and intense sunlight and you can also sleep well at night knowing that your bike is safe from theft.

Outdoor bicycle storage or bike sheds are commonly seen in the park, market areas and universities. They are made from creative designs and strong materials to withstand weather and to last for a long time. Those outdoor bicycle storage can be able to give shed and protection to more than ten bikes. But if for personal use only, you could buy or make an outdoor bicycle storage that will fit one to two bikes.

Types of Outdoor Bicycle Storage

The first type of an outdoor bicycle storage is the canvas bike sheds. This is quite similar to a tent however it is big enough to fit your bikes in. Canvas bike sheds varies in size depending on how big the bikes are and their quantity. This type of outdoor bicycle storage can protect your bikes from different weathers, and you could also put padlocks on if you’re going to install it in an open area.

Plastic bike sheds on the other hand are low priced form of outdoor bicycle storage. Although the quality is not that great, plastic bike sheds are quite enough if your bike is not that expensive.

outdoor bicycle storage

Another form of outdoor bicycle storage which is a favorite of almost all of bike owners is the wooden bike sheds. The good thing about wooden bike sheds is you could customize your own design, choose your own color and add additional storage for gears like helmets and bike baskets. However building this type of outdoor bicycle storage requires a good architect and carpenter. If poorly made, simple storm can ruin it. But if built with quality and strength, your wooden bike shed will last for a long time even your grandsons can use it. NOTE: Since this outdoor bicycle storage is made from wood, therefore it is prone to fire.

Among all the outdoor bicycle storage, this last one is the most strongest and yet most expensive – the metal bike sheds. Metal can withstand cyclones and even tornado, however they aren’t quite good looking so better place it on your backyard where no one can see it. Metal bike sheds are expensive, this is suitable if you are owning bikes which are expensive too since metal is hard to break. NOTE: Just make sure that the material is made from genuine metal. Acid rain, snow, and wind can easily turn a fake metal outdoor bicycle storage to rust which can also be transferred to your bikes.