Outback Hats: Providing Excellent Sun Protection

Outback Hats: Providing Excellent Sun Protection
[ad#GA 336×280 FL R]If you’re in need of a hat that gives excellent UV protection but still stylish, then outback hats are for you. An outback hat is a cowboy hat from Australia that has become extremely popular as it is perfect for everyday use. Australian outback hats have a flatter brim, compared to the roll of a western cowboy hats. This design makes them a more favorable choice for most people as they feel that Western hats may come across as too much.

Thanks to its brim, the outback hat provides great UV protection and can be used for activities such as fishing, golfing, hiking, boating and traveling. Nowadays, the sun is more damaging than ever due to global warming. Ultra violet rays can still cause skin damage even if the weather may not be bright and sunny. All of us should be more concerned about protecting ourselves from the dangers of excessive sun exposure which may be a precursor to skin cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that 1 million of more people will be diagnosed with skin cancers in this year alone. Many of which will be on the head, the face and the neck. In order to protect ourselves, we can be more vigilant in applying sun block with a high sun protection factor. Another way is to wear adequate protection such as outback style hats. An Australian outback hat is guaranteed to help decrease cancer incidents considerably. There are several types of Aussie outback hats, each with a specific purpose. These types are:

• Leather Outback Hats – These hats have two finishes. The first is with the suede side out while the second way is the smooth side out. The smooth side is waxed and oiled to protect its material. Both kinds are water resistant, and these hats are built to withstand crushing and packing. This allows the hats to be ideal for travel and can retain their original shapes. These hats are great for fishing, horseback riding, boating and other activities that require long sun exposure.

• Straw Outback Hats – An outback straw hat is perfect during the summer for beach getaways, picnics and other outdoor activities. These can also be utilized for gardening. These are so lightweight that you barely feel like you’re wearing nothing. These breathable straw hats are made in light shades and provide a very relaxed summer feel. Some straw hats are equipped with a sweat band for more comfort.

• Wool Felt Outback Hats – These hats are not only great for cold weather, but studies have found that wool has amazing thermostatic properties. It is capable of retaining heat during cold weather, but under warm conditions, will actively release excess heat.

Some hats are available with a cool mesh crown. Incorporated with leather or canvas brims, the solar mesh around the crown will bring cool relief on those sweltering, hot summer days.

Australian outback hats look great on both men and women. These should be an integral component of our wardrobe as they not only provide a more stylish look, but are also essential for our health. If you haven’t thought about getting one for yourself, it would be better if you consider doing so. In any material, outback hats will always be a great investment.