Outback Hat for Any Activity

An Outback Hat for Any Activity

Any person who enjoys the outdoors should have an outback hat. An outback hat is Australia’s version of a cowboy hat, but with a brim that is more flat than curled to the sides. This hat incorporates the safari style at the crown, but has the elongated brim of Western cowboy hats. This is usually about 3-4 inches in brim length, with a 4 inch crown height, making it excellent for sun protection. With various fabrics such as leather, fur felt, wool felt, canvas and straw, an Australian outback hat is perfect for any occasion.

For men and women who enjoy activities involving the outdoors, there are many a outback hat to choose from, each with its own design and general purpose. Outback hats can vary from being outdoorsy to being classy. So they are really great not only for the outdoors, but just for some added style. For some activities, here are some outback hats suggestions:

Golfing – Golf can require long hours under the hot sun, so sun protection is a must for that golf enthusiast. Aside from sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, adequate protection when it comes to clothing and accessories cannot be more emphasized.

A great Australian outback hat to use is the Cov-ver Faux Suede Outback Golf Hat. It is made in faux suede, with a brim of 3.25 inches for shade. It is equipped in a cool mesh for a breezy feel. Being crushable and easy to regain its shape, this hat is great to bring around as you don’t need to mind where you put it. It also has an adjustable Inner Size Band for the perfect fit. This is available at the FedoraStore.com.

Beaching – For a fun day out at the beach, an outback straw hat makes for instant sun protection. The Montecarlo Tropical Breeze Genuine Panama Outback Hat is just that perfect outdoor beach hat. It is made in straw, with a fun design of having larger holes at the bottom area of the crown where sweat usually builds up. This allows air to flow smoothly in and out for a breezy feel and sheer cooling delight. This has a 3.25 inch brim and a 3.75 inch crown.

Travelling – Travel requires time walking outdoors, so trusty outback leather hats would make for a great companion. The Henschel Duster Waxed Leather Safari is made in the classic Australian outback hat design with quality waxed leather. This has a 2.5 inch brim with a 4 inch pinched front crown,and is equipped with a wired memory band for fitted comfort.

Fishing – The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful even during shady days. So fishing under the shade would still need adequate sun protection. The Barmah Squashy Buffalo Leather Outback Hat would do just that. Made from full grain water buffalo, this hat is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet. Crushable and packable, this hat requires little looking after. What’s more is that it gives UPF 50+ protection. What more can you look for in a hat?

The hats mentioned above can also be used for other activities such as picnicking, horse back riding, boating and so forth. Browse around the Internet for a wide array of choices, then go and get yourself an outback hat that gives you the style and protection that you need.

An Outback Hat is a hat for any occasion