Mini Cooper Roof Rack

Mini Cooper Roof Rack

Mini Cooper ranked number 17 as the most affordable car in America. Its superb driving performance and unique aesthetics made it a popular car around the globe. Mounting bikes and other gears in these small cars is also not a problem if you have mini cooper roof rack.

Mini cooper roof rack are designed to carry wheelchairs, skis, surf boards, etc. This is a perfect solution for your travelling needs since mini coopers are really small cars that has little space for storage.

mini cooper roof rack

Mini Cooper Roof Rack: Trunk Mounted, Hitch Mounted and Roof Mounted

Aside from mini cooper roof rack, there are two other ways on how you could add additional storage on your mini cooper.

  • It can be trunk mounted.¬†Trunk mounted racks are the most cheap and least invasive form of bike racks on your mini cooper. The trunk mounted racks are attached to the hatch of your mini cooper which uses straps and aluminum arms to hold bikes in place. There’s one slight disadvantage with this one, you will not be able to access the items on your hatch since the rack is attached to the hatch of your Cooper.
  • Another style of rack is hitch mounted. Although car owners would prefer not to assemble tow hitch on their precious possessions, this kind of rack is the most ideal and effective bike transport system. Unlike trunk mounted style, it allow you to still have access on the hatch of your mini cooper. However hitch mounted style can be expensive plus it makes the car look more longer.
  • Roof mounted or mini cooper roof rack is the most ideal among the three. It can hold up to 4 bikes or you can add a mini cooper roof rack storage when taking a long road trip. However, mini cooper roof rack can have a significant decrease in gas mileage which is a big no no for people who bought these cars because of fuel economy reasons.

Some Important Things To Consider Before Installing Mini Cooper Roof Rack

  • Attaching mini cooper roof rack requires permanent changes in your car like trimming rubber above the doors or screwing the device on the roof. Therefore make sure that there is really a great need for a mini cooper roof rack, but if you’re just going to use it once better leave it alone instead and rent a pick up truck otherwise.
  • Installing mini cooper roof rack is expensive. To make sure that all expenses will be worth it, always trust the experts. Sure there are others offering low priced installation procedures, but usually cheap translates to lot of reworks. Money and time wasting.
  • Mini coopers are quality made cars no doubt about it, but it’s not really designed for driving off road and carrying bulky gears and gadgets. Instead of pushing the limits of this cute car, why don’t just buy a pick up truck or jeep.
  • The most important thing to consider is, mini cooper roof rack consumes lots of gas than normal driving.