Maytag Epic Z Washing Machine F Error code F01

Maytag Epic Z Washing Machine F Error code F01


The Maytag Epic Z series is a great frontload washing machine. It is built well and and performs excellently.

Sometimes the error codes show up and it’s not easy to figure out what they mean. Here is an explinaton of the F01 error code for the Epic washer.

F01 Stands for EEPROM Error

This is a communication error between the central control unit and the EEPROM onboard. A power glitch can cause this error. There are some simple fixes to clear the F01 error.

Steps to Clear F01 Error Code:

1. Unplug the washer for 2 minutes.

2. Verify the CCU is operating by running a diagnostic test or run any cycle.


Another possible source of the F01 error is a pump driver failure to activate. This is a more serious error and requires replacement of the CCU board.

If the main relay is a problem, then the relay might be always open and will also result in a need to place the CCU board.